What’s in store for 2016?

What a crazy time here on the farm.  I have gone back to working after 15 years off with my kiddos, and wow it is hard to keep up with things like this website when I have so much less time at home.  As far as our pigs, we definitely haven’t slowed up in that department.  We have continued to travel and have obtained 2 more black gilts(Liberty and Kinnedy), another red and blue sow(Ruby and Bella) and a blue boar (Buster).  We have also kept one of our green boar piglets to help with the breeding (Rebel).  So we are ready to start 2016 with all 4 color groups of sows and all of the color groups of boars so that we can offer breeding pairs and trios.  Love our GOS pigs and ready for a great year.  We will start farrowing for 2016 in mid march and so excited to meet every last one of the piglets!!

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    Jim korson March 8, 2016

    I like your website. Looking to get into breeding old spot pigs. Will you have a breeding pair for sale this year. Small operation here in Wisconsin. Been raising feeder pigs the last 4 years. Any information on how to get started would be welcome.



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