Meet “Sota”

Sota is our last pig to complete all of the Gloustershire Old Spots color groups.  He is a Black group boar, and yes we went and picked him up from Minnesota, so it was only fitting to name him “Sota”.  He is a big boy, born 10/2012 and probably in the 5-600 pound range.  This will be perfect for our older Green group girls.  He was very easy to load, we threw a flake of straw down to make his step smaller, and up he went.  He was not the happiest camper on the 12 hour trip home.  Every time we stopped for gas we would try and give him water,  and he would immediately flip over the bucket or anything we would put in for him and grunt and make all kinds of noise.  We got quite a few looks from the bystanders at the gas stations!!!  The drive from Minnesota was beautiful and if you ever get the chance to go through Illinois and see the wind farms it’s pretty cool to see.





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    SeppoP June 2, 2015

    Thank you for post 🙂

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    Pujab June 4, 2015

    Thanks for the post!

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    Sherma June 25, 2015

    I shoulda known. Saw the pic of Sota and thought ‘He looks really nice’. Clicked on the pic and saw he came from Minnesota. Let me guess, John Wegmen. Isn’t that the guy you got those 2 gorgeous gilts from earlier this year, too? Tell me it’s so. I probably saw him when I was there but I only remember those beautiful gilts. I’m going to check him out after I try to talk you out of some bred blue gilts.
    You should see Wilbur. He has a girlfriend with him now, Diva. She’s the runt from my first litter. I sold her to a friend and I’m boarding her until the end of next month. Tomorrow, Juicey, the mom to Diva gets introduced to him. He has gained a little more weight but he also isn’t spending all day sleeping. Diva won’t allow it. His condition has really improved. I think she put him on a exercise regimen. No flabbies for her.
    Ron, my boar partner, gets truck loads of free day old pepperidge farm breads. They had a chocolate chip bread that we got several loaves of and Wilbur has declared it his favorite. Their bread bucket only gets 1 loaf in it per day. Diva can eat all his pellets and corn and he just walks away. She doesn’t bother him when he’s eating chocolate chip. A pig just has to put his hoof down, sometimes.
    Well that’s the monthly update. If I can figure out how to get pics on here, I’ll send some of the Juice, Diva, the latest litter and of course, Wilbur.
    I have to ask, is their any chance of getting a couple of those blue gilts bred back to your green boar? I know we talked about it but there wasn’t anything definite. I’ll be using Wilbur on my crossbreds for now but he’s too big for young gilts. Diva was just 8 months when we bred her to him but she’s a propane tank with stumps for leg. AKA, a brick house. She didn’t have any trouble. She was also twice the size of the gilts you had there with babies on them. I won’t be able to breed blue gilts to him until they are at least 1 and a half years old or possibly 2. I have some 50% Tamworth in the works that are 8 to 10 months but all these are meat.
    My whole focus is to breed really nice registered GOS. I’ve been looking for a registered breed of animal to add to our farm and this is the breed. If you are not able to sell me bred ones, I’m still interested in purchasing one from you. Your stock is so nice I want to make sure I have a few of them in my herd besides Wilbur. Let me know on the bred gilts or even a female that is large enough to use on him would work.
    I have people looking for gilts contacting me. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve been recommending you to them. I won’t be ready until next spring with registered stock so if I field anyone else I’ll funnel them to your website.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and hope all is well,

    Sherma Turnbull
    Aspen Creek Farms

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