Litter #2

York was the next of our Gloucestershire Old Spots to farrow.  This time I went out to do the feeding on a Sunday morning and by 7:30am she had already delivered one!!!  Not knowing when she had delivered it I waited for an additional half hour before exploring what the problem was.  I reached and found that the head was stuck at her pelvis.  So I carefully got the head unstuck and out it came, and unfortunately the third piglet shot out at the same time.  The third one was unresponsive so the 2nd babe must have been in there for bit longer and took all of the oxygen.  She continued having piglets until 9:30am, with very little help from me, except to wipe the babies faces clean when they came out to clear the film from their little noses.  She ended up delivering 12 and only 10 made it.  Also the next morning she had laid on one of the little rascals!!  So she is raising 9 healthy porkers!!!0330151902a

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