Busy Busy Days

With spring officially arriving tomorrow we are all busy at work getting ready for our new piglets to arrive.  By next weekend we will have lots of new little ones to photograph.  Getting heat lamps ready and mommas pens ready to go.  We have individual pens available for each momma and once the time has come they choose their pen and that becomes hers, and surprisingly everyone understands.  They are still free to go in and out of their pens, and we put a board high enough that the piglets can’t escape for at least a week.  This gives mom the ability to go out and do her business and come back.  It also allows us to assure that we have time to tag all the babes before they co-mingle with all of the others.  Lots of work, but soooo exciting, we’ve waited 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days, and yes they almost always deliver around 3:00 in the morning!!! The countdown has begun!!!

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