Babies have arrived!!

Massie was the first sow to have her litter.  On March 27th she had her first piglet at 8:00pm.  Yep it was gonna be a late one!!!  She is one of our older pigs so knew because of her age and size she had lost some of the muscles to push properly.  I learned a lot from last year.  Watch her tail and listen to her breathing.  When her tail moves up and she holds her breath she is trying to push.  With her, she gets them to her pelvis, and with just my gloved and lubed hand I can grab and pull out the piglet.  She has lots of room, but her ability to push has dwindled.  By 11:45 I was very tired from a long day and had waited for a half hour and she was showing no sign of anymore.  So I retired to the house to announce she had delivered 7 healthy babies.  Upon first light I went out to see how they were doing and yep, she did deliver one more and it did not make it.  This was a little upsetting, but very common when dealing with sows and farrowing.  Look how cute!!!0329151850

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