“All of the Boys”

Well with farrowing season upon us we had to figure out what to do the boars.  We now have Wilbur-our green boar, Hillbilly-our blue boar, Flatt-our red boar, and Sota-our Black boar.  We used to have 2 young boars and we would throw them in the same field and they would fight and fight for dominance, last year was not pretty, poor Hillbilly got beat by Wilbur.  So since we have 4 larger boars we figured it would be a BAD idea to put them together.  We decided they won’t be without the ladies for long, so we built 4 pens for them to take their break from importance on the farm.  They were still very unhappy and pushed quite a bit on the panels that separated them, but after an entire day, they seemed to not mind their neighbors.  It should only be a couple months and by then the grass will be green and they can be turned in with the ladies to…”Make more Bacon”…lol!!


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