2015 Pig Pickin’ and Lip Sync-In’ Party

What a great time we had at our annual hog roast.  This years theme was Pig Pickin’ Lip-Sync-In’ party, and yes that means there was a lotta of good singers.  We pulled out the old wagon for our stage and everyone from young to old came with their music to sing to everyone.  Great fun and awesome hog.  This year we went old school and dug a pit, burned wood for hours and hours and then buried the hog.  Twelve-fifteen hours later we dig up the hog and yum yum, you can’t beat the awesomeness!!(I think that’s a word)  We definitely will do this again!  Even our puppy had a good time!!IMG_3641IMG_3645IMG_4568


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    Joshua February 29, 2016

    How big was the pig ? Did you wrap it in something like foil before burying it?

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      angie March 1, 2016

      It was about 200 lbs. We wrapped it in brown paper bags and then wet burlap. We also put chicken wire around the whole pig.

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    Joshua March 21, 2016

    Sounds fun might have to try that next year.

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